Our Mission at Colours of Borneo

We are enormously proud to be UK partners of Changgih Designs. We share their vision of preserving culture and creating sustainable income for locals in Sabah, Borneo. The business is built on the following principles;

  • Community Focused- Promote the positive, respect the culture, give back program

  • Efficient- On time culture, communicate well

  • People First- Respect buyers, artisans and staff

  • Strategic- Take orders only if capable, plan well, give reasonable timelines

  • High Quality- Train well, encourage even better and quality check twice

  • Financially Stable- Minimize waste, monitor costing, complete market testing

Give 10 to Sabah

Colorful Threads

Community Impact

Colours of Borneo and Changgih Designs give back 10% of profits to support local community projects in Sabah. We look to support projects that have the biggest social impact.



Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive

We believe in using local tribally inspired designs that represent Borneo, and are handmade by local artisans. We hope you love these products as much as we do!!


Light Brown Accessories

Self-Sustainable Craft

Changgih Designs provides training and employment to local artisans allowing them to earn a fair wage for the products they make. Every time you buy from us you are directly supporting employment in rural areas of Sabah.